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Semporna is the gateway to world's most spectacular and best dive sites;

Sipadan Island, the most famous island off Borneo, is a diver's dream destination. We offer day trips from Semporna to this truly remarkable island that sticks out of the 600m deep Celebes Sea. At Sipadan turtles can be seen on every dive but even while snorkeling there is a good chance to see some of these breathtaking creatures. The active scuba diver might see as many as 7 different kinds of sharks. At Barracuda Point, perhaps the best dive site of all, a tornado of Barracudas can often be spotted darkening out the sun while schooling jacks and giant hump head parrotfish are also regular sights. At South Pt. hundreds of hammerheads and the very rare thresher sharks often patrol at depth far off the wall while the Drop Off offers a great view down the 2000 foot wall. For experienced cave divers we also arrange dives to the famous turtle tomb, a 70m long cave system with several skeletons of turtles that got lost in the cave while looking for a place to rest.

Mabul Island, just 20 minutes north of Sipadan Island and the last island still on the Borneo shelf before the ocean floor drops to some 800m, has been named in many diving magazines for it's popularity amongst macro photographers who look for the really rare creatures. Multicolored nudibranches, flamboyant cuttlefish, large anglerfish, seahorses, blue ribbon eel, ghost pipefish, blue ring octopus and many more are waiting to be discovered at the 8 dive spots around Mabul. Those who went to all these sites already also have a choice to combine dives at Mabul with a short hop to Kapalai, just about 10min from Mabul where more dive sites wait to be discovered.

Kapalai, at the edge of the Ligitan Reef, has been little more than a sand bank, until the construction of Sipadan-Kapalai Resort. The resort activities have prevented fisherman from intruding and thus boosted the number of fish greatly. It's shallow reef on the protected north end, sloping from just beneath the surface to appr. 20m, is teeming with fish life in all colors, and the sharp eyes of local dedicated divemasters can help you to spot such increadible critters like clown frogfish, mandarin fish, nudibraches, flambuoyant cuttlefish, mantis shrimp to name but a few. At the southern end of the reef a slope runs down to just about 12m where a long but narrow sandy area is a favorite hiding place for sting rays and turtles can be found resting at coral formations to both sides. By venturing further out to the deep end sightings of whitetip reef sharks are also common. Kapalai can be reached from Semporna within appr. 40min, or we can add a dive there on the way back from Sipadan.

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